About Us

Texas Wears Condoms is a free condom distribution and HIV/AIDS prevention project located in San Antonio, Texas.

What we do:

☞  Provide free condoms and lubricant to anyone in Texas.

☞  Teach HIV/AIDS Prevention Education throughout San Antonio, TX.

 Contact us to set-up a class!

☞  Work to de-stigmatize condoms, condom use, and HIV in our community!

The purpose of the Texas Wears Condoms is to reduce the spread of HIV/STDs

in Texas by expanding free condom access and improving condom knowledge.

How This Site Works:

1. Order condoms and/or lubricant that best meets your needs through our online store.

    It is just like online shopping but for your sexual health needs!


→  Limit 50 condoms per order.
→  We can only ship in Texas. 

2. You will be immediately contacted by project staff to complete a short survey. 

3. Once the survey is complete, your condom order will be mailed to your address.

No shipping charge!

4. Remember: All information you provide is confidential and will not be shared or seen by anyone that does not work for the Texas Wears Condoms.

5. Enjoy! Come back to provide customer reviews.

Let us know what you liked and why!